BZ is going to work on making events more sustainable – are you in?

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Back BZ is going to work on making events more sustainable – are you in?

Would you like practical help in making your events more sustainable? Then join the circular events working group. Under the guidance of experts and together with other posts and managements, you'll explore the possibilities of making your (public) events more sustainable. During the online sessions you'll exchange knowledge and experiences and you receive tips and tricks.

In the working group we will look at, among other things: catering, waste prevention, goodies and promotional materials, transport and sustainable alternatives. We also consider communication about sustainability and creating support.
Each participant organizes a total of 3 sustainable events. The lessons learned will be shared with the rest of BZ. There is room for 6 participants in the working group. If more people want to join, we will expand the project

I want to join
The working group will start on 27 September 2022. Are you enthusiastic or do you want more information? Please contact Rosa Peek:
This initiative is one of the circular pilots of the Mission Sustainable program. At practical tips you will find more information on how to organize sustainable events.