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Tel Aviv: ‘Climate change is too urgent for us to wait until conditions are ideal’

News | 26 April 2022

The Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv is working hard to reduce its CO2 emissions. It all started with the launch of a sustainability team in the framework of the Rank Your Embassy initiative. Sarah Hage...

‘Never again a contract without a fixed minimum wage’

News | 22 August 2022

A security guard who can never take a day off, has no winter clothes and cannot take a break. In Warsaw, that used to be quite normal in the security sector. Filiz Deveci, operational manager at...

What you can learn from Zagreb: small steps make a big difference

News | 20 July 2022

The embassy in Zagreb won the Rank Your Embassy Award in 2018. And after that, they continued their mission for sustainability with even greater enthusiasm. Last year, the embassy won the award for...

In Jakarta, ice produced at night keeps the embassy cool during the day

News | 28 June 2022

The Dutch embassy is a sustainability pioneer in Indonesia. In 2019, an ice-storage air conditioning system was installed in the embassy building. The amount of avoided CO2 emissions is the...

What you can learn from Amman about decent conditions of employment for the workers of contracted companies

News | 22 September 2022

How can an embassy know whether workers of contracted companies are paid on time, can take holidays and don’t have to work overtime? Angelique van Dijke is the operational manager at the mission in...

BZ is going to work on making events more sustainable – are you in?

News | 7 September 2022

Would you like practical help in making your events more sustainable? Then join the circular events working group. Under the guidance of experts and together with other posts and managements,...

What you can learn from Bern about organising sustainable events

News | 27 October 2022

The embassy in Bern is a frontrunner when it comes to organising events sustainably. Flowers for displays are grown locally, participants are sent cycling directions, and meals are prepared using...

Jochen Geraedts likes travelling by train: ‘For convenience, comfort and the environment’

News | 5 November 2021

As DHF’s regional coordinator, Jochen Geraedts travels all over Europe. If he can choose between travelling by train or by air, he will always go by train. That doesn’t necessarily take longer or...

Decent working conditions for security staff at the San José embassy

News | 5 November 2021

The security sector in Costa Rica has a bad reputation. The sector is well-regulated by law, but poor enforcement results in poor compliance. Workers are regularly exploited, working long days for...

Action plan on socially responsible public procurement

News | 3 November 2022

The action plan on socially responsible public procurement is now ready. It describes how the ministry will convert its own policy into sustainable action on procurement.